High performance CO 2 residential
and industrial heat pumps

The solution for you,
if you want to redeem:

gas heating

domestic hot water produced using gas

the demand for gas-fired hot water for your technology

Unmissable advantages:

CO 2 refrigerant

Energy efficient

Converts heat energy extracted from the air into heating energy

Wide power range

8/14/40/75/120 kW-os

Can produce up to 90 °C

RVS CO2 hőszivattyúk

Environmentally friendly

Zero emissions


Can be connected with the existing system

3 years full warranty

Free assessment, on-site visit

Product Features

Safe and reliable

Air/water carbon dioxide (CO 2) charged heat pump do not have electric boilers or gas-fired water heating units, so problems associated with these, such as the risk of ignition, explosion and poisoning from combustion products, are eliminated.

Environmentally friendly

Air/water carbon dioxide (CO2) heat pumps operate in an environmentally friendly way with electricity, they do not use any fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas, etc.) during their operation, so they do not pollute the environment. The equipment uses naturally occurring carbon dioxide (CO2) as a heat transfer medium (the equipment is filled with carbon dioxide, which works in a closed system), which has a global warming potential of 1 and an ozone depletion coefficient of 0.

Energy efficient (power saving)

Air/water carbon dioxide (CO 2) heat pumps equipment utilizes a significant amount of free heat energy from the air. The equipment only consumes as much electricity as the system needs to extract heat energy from the air. As a result, the equipment produces the same amount of hot water as a traditional electric boiler with up to a fifth of the energy. In this way, users can save significant energy costs and contribute to maximum energy savings.


The air/water carbon dioxide (CO 2) charged heat pumps can produce hot water up to 90 °C at ambient temperatures between -25 °C and 43 °C and operates 24 hours a day. The device has a precise water temperature control system that ensures a constant water temperature.


The air/water carbon dioxide (CO 2) heat pumps have world-class compressors and valves. The housing of the equipment is made of stainless steel or powder-coated steel plates. Thanks to this, the high quality of the equipment is guaranteed, and its service life can exceed 20 years, which is well beyond the service life of other types of water heaters.

Wide application

The air-to-water carbon dioxide (CO 2) heat pumps family have several members with different performances, which are equally suitable for meeting the needs of factories, plants, office buildings, hospitals, sports facilities, swimming pools, family homes, schools, beauty salons, hotels and other facilities.

easy to install

The installation of the air/water carbon dioxide (CO2) heat pumps are simple, no environmental restrictions apply to it, it can be installed on the roof, balcony, and other well-ventilated places (outdoors). It does not require supervision, and its maintenance costs are low.

High water temperature

The COP value of heat pumps with air/water carbon dioxide (CO 2) filling can reach 3.8 when producing hot water at 90 °C. Conventional air-to-water heat pump machines (operating with fluorine-containing gases) are only suitable for reaching a maximum water temperature of ~ 60 °C, and their COP value is only ~ 2.0.

General COP values

WordPress Responsive Table

Input water temperature: 20 °C
* How many units of heat energy can be produced from one unit of electrical energy. So: for example, 1 kW of electrical energy can produce 2.5 times the heating energy.

Performance range

From residential to industrial heat pumps