Air-to-air heat pumps are equipment that absorbs heat from the ambient air andreleases it to a space being served, either for comfort heating or for technologicalheating.

In order to increase the energy potential of the heat absorbed from the environment so that it can heat the air in the space served, this equipment uses absorbed electrical energy with exceptional energy efficiency.

The RVSA-125 air-to-air heat pump is the only model of all RVS heat pumps that consists of two units: an outdoor unit, which absorbs heat from the ambient environment, and an indoor unit, which releases heat to the environment. The equipment is available in a single version with a nominal heat output of 125 kW.

It is a modern heat pump with a special functionality, high energy efficiency and low CO emissions, and with the electricity it consumes coming from renewable sources, these emissions become zero.

The ASC control system allows regulation and control of the air temperature in the space served, as well as optimising safe operation, ensuring economical and energyefficient operation.

The RVSA-125 air-to-air heat pump is the perfect solution for technological applications requiring air drying and for heating, where hot water heating circuits are to be avoided.

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Indoor unit

125RVSA meleglevegőt befújó CO2 hőszivattyú

Outdoor unit

RVSA125 meleglevegőt befújó CO2 hőszivattyú