Our company started as a family business in 1990. Several portfolio changes have taken place, adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market. Our latest product range, for which we are the exclusive distributor in 11 European countries, is the CO₂ monobloc heat pump.

The ongoing energy crisis is forcing both the public and the production units to act. Our products can replace up to 100% of gas consumption, either for hot water or heating.

The machines are fully automated, equipped with a control unit, with remote monitoring on demand, making the user’s daily life easier.

It is also important to mention that, as our machines are not filled with Freon but with CO₂ refrigerant, they are an environmentally friendly solution and comply with increasingly stringent environmental standards.

Our lives are increasingly moving in a direction where we no longer have to rely on gas alone when the heating season starts. Lower energy prices are also driving users to switch to electricity.

A CO₂ monobloc heat pump is the perfect choice for this. Our range of products, from the residential 8 kW machine to the industrial 120 kW heat pump, has a solution for everyone (our range of products includes the machines in the headline)

The product ranges we distribute

General heating of institutions, public buildings, production of DHW, substitution of up to 100% of gas consumption. Heat input: 45-90 °C.

Heat pump replacement of district heating centres, district heating systems, systems of any capacity. Heat input temperature: 45-90 °C.

Economical temperature control and heating of halls, warehouses, large air spaces. Preheating: 60-100 °C.

The technology requires the economical production of steam at 100-120 °C.

Our services

Free on-site survey on request

Preparation of an indicative offer taking into account the energy performance of the building

Complex heating and hot water (DHW) preparation solution

Full execution

3 years full warranty

Automation and remote control

Remote monitoring